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Simplifying Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Get Started Self-isolation could be saving lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it does have a chokehold on the sales and growth of businesses. If salespersons cannot meet face-to-face, they...

About Coronavirus: Meet your New Doctors | AI/ML Technology

Surprisingly, AI/ML Technology could have prevented the Coronavirus from turning into a full-blown pandemic. Unsurprisingly, when the mysterious virus did knock before it arrived; we just weren’t...

5 Not-So Positive Truths about the Ensuing Digital Transformation in 2020

Is your organization already on the digital transformation wagon? Did you spend the better part of last year planning for it? You may not see it, but the five obstacles we mention below may slow your...

Some Trends in Digital Marketing in 2020 | Digital Marketing| Alight Minds

The previous year kept the marketers busy. On the one hand, the marketers had to contend with all the new tech from their field flooding the market. On the other, they also needed to pay attention to...

9 Web Development Essentials to Consider Before you Hire

Looking for a web development company that fulfills all the requirements of your business can be a challenging task. Apparently, many agencies may look the same, and some even claim they deliver the...

Finding a Logo Design Agency for the Ultimate Logo in 2020!

You’ll find evidence of the work of many a logo design agency in your surroundings. In fact, you can spotvarious logos every day without much effort. They are scattered everywhere you go. But logos...

Mobile App Development: Getting a Billion Users in 2020

These days, companies can use a mobile app as a means of self-extension for increased reach to business audiences. Their clients are increasingly leaning towards mobile apps. Two of the most popular...

Digital Transformation: Best, Emerging Trends for 2020!

Business leaders await in anticipation for the predictions about digital transformation for 2020. They will illuminate the path enterprises will take towards the rise of the digital economy. Digital...

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Business Transformation in 2020!

Artificial Intelligence has become an essential part of our routine life, whether it is personal, professional or social. In fact, from military or healthcare to legacy businesses to digital...
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