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About Coronavirus: Meet your New Doctors | AI/ML Technology

machine learning

Surprisingly, AI/ML Technology could have prevented the Coronavirus from turning into a full-blown pandemic. Unsurprisingly, when the mysterious virus did knock before it arrived; we just weren’t paying attention! While doctors diagnose contagious diseases, AI can detect an epidemic’s warning signs much earlier. Thus, programmers who may be sitting thousands of miles away can indicate […]

5 Not-So Positive Truths about the Ensuing Digital Transformation in 2020

Digital Transformation

Is your organization already on the digital transformation wagon? Did you spend the better part of last year planning for it? You may not see it, but the five obstacles we mention below may slow your progress. A version or other of these issues plagues most companies. Alight Minds suggests solutions you can use to […]

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Business Transformation in 2020!

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has become an essential part of our routine life, whether it is personal, professional or social. In fact, from military or healthcare to legacy businesses to digital businesses or their transformation, AI is used in almost all sectors to get accurate results and reduce human effort. We are living in an age that […]

Digital Business Transformation Facts you must not Overlook!

digital business transformation facts

Digital business transformation entails using digital technologies to restyle a procedure, making them more competent and professional. The idea behind it is not just to reproduce an existing service in a digital form. Instead, it is about using technology to transform that service into something substantially better. Over the previous few years, digital business transformation […]


digital business transformation

What is Digital Business Transformation? Digital transformation refers to the acceptance to accomplish new strategic business aims and objectives and digital methods and procedures. It is an elaborate yet complicated process that embodies a huge cultural shift in a working environment. In short, it will impact and influence every part of an organization. The digital […]


future of digital transformation

Over the years, digital transformation has advanced and developed from a trend that was only on a small-scale and now it has blossomed and enhanced into something that has become critical and extremely important for most industries and companies. But what does ‘digital transformation’ actually mean and how does it influence an industry and how is […]

Top Trends in the World of Blockchain 2019


Blockchain is one of the most innovative and spectacular creations in the technological world. Now, it is proving to be even more versatile. The Top Trends in the World of Blockchain 2019 show how great feats are now possible in the technology arena due to this invention. However, when placed in comparison with other technologies […]