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Artificial Intelligence has become an essential part of our routine life, whether it is personal, professional or social. In fact, from military or healthcare to legacy businesses to digital businesses or their transformation, AI is used in almost all sectors to get accurate results and reduce human effort.

We are living in an age that is undoubtedly full of technological advancements. Machines perform lots of our work. Artificial Intelligence has an important place in all the progression made today. After all, these days, software and machines are taking over simple to complex tasks of our daily life.

AI systems are proficient enough to reduce human efforts in a lot of areas. Such as, to perform various operations in the industries, they use AI to create machines that perform a wide range of activities. Let’s have a look at Artificial Intelligence future and the role it will play in Digital Business Transformation in 2020.

Market Research

Through analytics, we can introduce Artificial Intelligence into all types of business fields, especially finance and marketing. For instance, with the results of marketing campaigns and the data of past consumer trends, Artificial Intelligence can determine the next most effective marketing strategy. Moreover, AI’s capability to learn gives it a more improved data-based analysis in a shorter time span.

Artificial Intelligence as Photoshop Replacement

In Digital Business Transformation in 2020, AI will not only be limited to the marketing field. In the future, it is expected to be a replacement for Photoshop. Thus, Artificial Intelligence will be able to create new designs for products, brands, and campaigns based off of what it absorbs. Due to it, designers will come up with various useful Artificial Intelligence future ideas.    

Finance Expert

In the future, Artificial Intelligence may also be handling financial analytics. Mostly, that expectation comes from monitoring the technology used in Google Analytics. Being capable of relating monetary results to specific business decisions while studying them is something that technology can do with the right programming. Therefore, Artificial Intelligence could potentially even recommend the most logical next step.

According to Fiscal Tiger, in the future, we will see AI having an in-depth and distinctive understanding of individual financial crises. In short, it could replace human effort needed to outline the basic steps to monetary redemption.

Advancing Help Desk

As Artificial Intelligence is already being used to develop online help centers, it will keep on improving it in 2020.  When you go to a website, a chat window opens up and lets you ask it questions so that it could guide you further; that is all about Artificial Intelligence advancing in the help desk.

However, Artificial Intelligence may still need to move further on the voice-activated front.

Artificial Intelligence and Workforce Management

Surely, technology is being utilized in managing payrolls, scheduling, benefits, and employee tasks already. So, what is keeping it from self-organizing those things? Well! There is apparently nothing preventing the popularization and advancement of Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, that must be the next step of Artificial Intelligence in the future.

Trend Check

Businesses can use trend prediction just as law enforcement techniques do. If you are sure that the marketing tactics you have planned to work on will not blow your budget, you can take the help of Artificial Intelligence for trend checking.

Trend analysis takes you to better predictions because AI remembers and compiles large amounts of data. Therefore, it can provide its consumers with the most logical solution and do so more quickly. Potentially, that leads supervisors to spend lesser hands-tied time and leave them free to perform more innovative tasks.

Strong Governance and Policy

As machines, people, and sensors become interlinked, the entry points for cyber-attacks will increase. The unfolding Artificial Intelligence developments will force a reorganizing of prevailing cybersecurity strategies. Artificial Intelligence will strengthen not only existing strategies for defense but also build new fronts in the fight for cybersecurity.

Artificial Intelligence in Intelligent Coding

AI is also capable of performing the coding task for code developers. What’s more, it has the potential to help them write more effective codes and leave out the redundant ones. This automated tool also identifies the mistakes in coding. Moreover, with the help of a better code editor, the coders can effortlessly run the resulting code.   

So, it is quite intriguing to see what Artificial Intelligence can achieve in the future. In addition to that, what it leaves humans with in the future will be highly effective in Digital Business Transformation. Fortunately, the human spirit is innovative. So, we will continue finding advanced ways to use our skills and talents once technology steps in. To know more about Artificial Intelligence and Digital Business Transformation, feel free to contact us.