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Our exposure, user experience, impression and impact of a certain good or service is designed by a mixture of components, with communication and interaction playing a main role.  In practical terms, the specifics of communication, design and animation make an important and essential difference in modern mobile apps.

is animation essential for mobile user experience?

Animation has a unique and
extremely special role is user interface design, as it is one of most essential
tools of thriving, productivity interaction. It goes without saying that
without animation, there cannot be any communication or interaction.  Humans are excited with the thought of
visually-driven animation, trying to figure out the energy and effort behind
the picture, which is worth a thousand words, gets even more intense and powerful
with the help of animation.

Animation brings life into
the method of communication, and is essentially a great asset for mobile apps
that have to be enhanced with limited screen domain, while giving an informative
and operational interface.

types of animation:

There are two main types of
animation in an advanced user interface: Operational and entertaining

Operational animation is delicate
and refined animation that we implant in a user interface design, as part of
the procedure. The goal of functional animation is to help the user better
understand what’s going on and how to use your app most effectively.

Entertaining animation is concentrated on user emotions. The objective of this type of animation is in entertaining the user, and accumulating a brand’s worth and valuation into a product.

Operational animation: Operational animation gives users
a story about how the app operates. It’s supposed to:

  • Build important and significant
  • Provide visual reports.
  • Show system progress.
  • Help the user to begin.

Entertaining animation: What does the term user experience mean?   Many trust that user experience is all about how a product works, but actually User experience (UX) is about a lot more than the “capability and potential to use” something. User experience (UX) is in fact all about feelings, emotions and state and frame of mind.

is a word that we’re hearing and using more often to describe pleasing and
delightful moments in our products. Entertainment is the magic word that makes
us fall in love with a product. It’s a main focused component to aim and aspire
for when designing. And animation can make user experience undoubtedly
enjoyable and memorable

Here are a few steps in which animation can help
develop enjoyable and memorable moments on a mobile.

  • To determine elegance.
  • To honor and appreciate the user.
  • To bring individuality and humanity.
  • To bring entertainment to the users.

you should keep in mind when designing your animation?

Animate with direction and determination:

Animation is overpowering when used in an elegant way.
But with great power comes great responsibility. When deciding to utilize
animation in your app, keep in mind to use it only when it has signification,
and won’t divert the user from successfully achieving what they intended to do.
Be mindful of the fact that the best animations are those that seem pure and
real, and don’t draw too much focus towards to

 Keep duration in mind:

Keep hands-on and interactive
content easy and design for repeated use. Ask yourself a question: “will the
animation get irritating and aggravating on repeated use, or is it universally
clear and understood by the users?” The animated design can be updated later on
for a better user experience.

Animation that is done correctly has an immense
impact and influence on user experience. It can turn a digital product from an
arrangement of stable screens, into meticulously choreographed energetic,
high-powered and magnetic experiences.