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At Alight Minds, we create result-driven enterprise mobile app solutions for our customers under the supervision of highly talented iOS app experts.

Why Choose AlightMinds?

why choose us

Seamless User Experience
Get an iOS app with a seamless user-experience to encourage customers so they use it time & again.
Accelerated & Timely Deliveries
No more waiting for months. Our app model accelerates development & sets the aim for timely deliveries.
App Store Deployment
We recommend sure-fire strategy to get apps deployed instantly with the right product version rollouts.
Cross Platform Solutions
Get premium quality iOS app development with stunning UI elements & interactive features for customers.
Maintenance & Optimization
Our iOS experts can provide full life cycle management for your iOS app for long-term business success.
Free Consultation
Pitch your idea to our creative business analysts and let us put together your next generation app.
Mesmerize Target

Audience with the Right iOS App Solution

We live in a time where technology has surpassed above everything else. Apple devices have now disrupted the market and it has successfully enchanted the minds of customers. Smartphones & cloud have transformed the way we used to do businesses. If you are running a brand and need to churn out some profit generating leads, then you need to have a social presence for your brand on all channels. May it be Android or iOS, app stores are the go-to markets for every individual and if you aren’t capitalizing on that, you’re missing out a great opportunity to close down better leads and generate more profit.

At Alight Minds, we have some of the brightest minds and pioneering experts in iOS app development bringing time-tested methodologies to create deep end solutions for our customers. Our iOS app focuses on increasing the impact of your brand’s engagement. We create app solutions for all B2B and B2C markets, and we take the model approach of strategy building, detailed engineering, precise optimization, rigorous testing and support services. When you hire Alight Minds, you don’t only hire an iOS app solution but instead, you hire a company which can create the perfect iOS end to end solution for business.

Swift Objective C

Our highly talented iOS app developers have ample experience in coding apps for a wide range of audience. They have an excellent hand in Swift & Objective C coding. Our teams have all the cutting edge technologies that couples with Swift & Objective-C to design the perfect app experience for users.

They have an excellent understanding of UI/UX design. They can integrate SDKs and APIs as per request. A commendable knowledge is what makes digital solutions work wonders for customers worldwide.

It’s where Alight Mind's best iOS developers can provide you the service you need.


Xamarin is an open-source platform used for building highly performant apps for iOS, Android & Windows. If you are seeking a more hybrid solution for your app and you can’t invest in both Android and iOS development for your next generation app, then Xamarin is a cost-effective option for you.

Xamarin allows developers to create all business logics in a single language which can be extensively reused to code multiple applications for different operating systems. It can help achieve the right native appeal, look and feel for your digital solution across every operating system platform.

At Alight Minds, we can provide you with Xamarin based app development.

Share Your Mind

Got a sure-fire app idea which you wish to transform into reality? Share it with our business experts so we can help you visualize your success journey.

Brainstorm & Prototyping

Time to sit with our experts and put together the perfect visual blueprint. Let us analyze the different functionalities your android app will leverage upon.

Agile Development

Once we have worked on the initial strategy, next up is bringing all the resources for front-end & back-end app development together. Let’s power up the engines.

Continuous App Testing

We keep testing the app on various phases to custom-tailor the design dot-point accurate & performance oriented. Once done, we set the date to deploy.

App Deployment

No more haggling with our app approval process because we create android apps which follow the app guidelines set in accordance with the Play Store.

Analitics & Data
We work seamlessly together as one firm to serve our clients wherever they need us.
Internet of Things
We work seamlessly together as one firm to serve our clients wherever they need us.
Machine Learning
We work seamlessly together as one firm to serve our clients wherever they need us.
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